The Dungeon Crawler

August 12, 2012 in Prototypes by Chris Charabaruk

Texture, fog and colour test

Texture, fog and colour test

Over the last week or so, I began work on a new game project. It’s a dungeon crawler, somewhat in the style of The Bard’s Tale or Legend of Lith II; however, many, if not all of the dungeons in the game will be randomly generated so as to provide a different experience for every playthrough.

So far, I’m just doing prototype work, testing out basic rendering and figuring out how to build maps. Like my last two (non-game) projects, this currently unnamed project is for Windows Phone. I’m not sure when it’ll be available, but I’d like to get to a playable alpha stage by Christmas. I figure that I will be prototyping through the end of September, possibly later.

Besides developing the prototype, I’m also designing a story and characters for the game. The story and characters aren’t perfectly original, but I’m not concerned about that (at least not at this time). There will be a lot of opportunities to break from cliché as time goes on and game concepts are solidified.

Hopefully I can get this game rolling!

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