Yes, it’s a new website…

April 3, 2013 in Company News by Chris Charabaruk

After such a long time without a working group website, Cold Acid Entertainment (formerly Coldacid Development Group) is back on the air with one central place to check out what we’re working on. Even though we’re still actively working on the site and putting up content, I think it’s in good enough shape to launch now!

With our new site fully armed and operational (if incomplete, but that was fine for the Death Star II) we’ll be retiring the separate Tumblr blogs for Painter Story and Taptics. New posts for those and other projects will appear here exclusively, but the old blogs will continue to exist for as long as Tumblr is around. We’ll most likely be retiring and shuttering the coldacid labs site some time in the future as well, as content gets migrated elsewhere.Welcome to the new face of Cold Acid Entertainment.