Act structure

March 31, 2010 in Painter Story by Chris Charabaruk

Progress is still progressing on the script. While there are a couple of troublesome scenes that need some serious work before they’re even badly written, a lot of what’s left to do for the first three days doesn’t look all that tough right now. Days 1 and 2 are practically done (apart from the aforementioned scenes), and I find myself writing the ending scenes of day 3 right now, and leaving about half of the rest of the work to my partner in crime zahlman.

Because the plan is to put out a story demo to attract interest in people who could help us with art and audio, and then later put out a real demo showing off the first three days, these end-of-day scenes for day 3 have to be a logical conclusion to the previous ones. I’ve taken to thinking of the prologue and days 1-3 as the first act, with the end of day three serving as the climax of the act.

Chances are that I’ll be making an act two out of days 4-6, and turn day 7 and the epilogue into its own act as well. I already have something in mind to serve as the climax for each of those points. Act three, as it were, won’t be that traditional, though, being mostly climax followed by coda. Still, it’s easier to think of the story this way, at least for me. Mind, I’ve not actually started plotting out the rest of the script in detail yet. That won’t happen until zahl and I are done writing the first draft for act one. (And even then, there’ll probably be a break to recruit/kidnap artists.)

Speaking of artists, we’re still planning to start looking for people at the beginning of April (which is what, tomorrow?) and seeing what people can and will contribute. I’ll have more details on that in a post tomorrow or on the weekend, but if you’re an artist and interested in helping out, doesn’t hurt to draw some concept art of the girls and post links to it in the comments. Just sayin’.