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March 15, 2010 in Painter Story by Chris Charabaruk

It’s been about three weeks since the initial blog post about Painter Story, and I’d like to share a couple things about our visual novel. Progress is going slower than I hoped for in terms of writing, but it’s still moving along well. I’m still working towards the goal of days one to three drafted by the end of March, although it’ll probably slip some. However, save for three tricky scenes, the first draft script of the first two days is done.

To make it easier to get a feel for what’s happening, I’m not writing in plain text and then copying over to Ren’Py. I started that way, but I find it’s easier to think in Ren’Py’s scripting language and write for that directly. It also has an added bonus of letting me test scenes as I write them out. The fact that Karl (my programmer/editor) and I wrote out a scene library (like Katawa Shoujo has, but not as pretty) certainly helps, as now I can go straight to the scene I’m writing, to test it out.

Whether or not I make my writing goal, we’ll start looking for artists in April, who can help us flesh out the graphical side of things. I might put out a low-distribution alpha of Painter Story when the draft is done through day 3, to help garner developer interest too.

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