Get to the Goat!

May 13, 2013 in Events, Prototypes by Chris Charabaruk

We did it. We made it to this year’s TOJam event, and came out winners. As a result, we have a silly little pointless game for you, one that could be described as the world’s most annoying escort mission. Yes, that sounds terrible, but the theme for this year was “uncooperative”, and what’s more uncooperative than an NPC you need to guide somewhere?

We were at TOJam as “Team Water-Rock”, and our game, Happy Island, was completed in less than 72 hours. Of course, we had it down to the wire, thanks to all kinds of twists along the way. The original concept was to make a game about persuasion, trying to get people to work together to escape a deserted island. However, when you’re in a time-crunch, you have to pare your ideas down into something that is quick to implement and yet still (at least somewhat) fun and challenging. A lot of things went wrong, too, with regard to our code’s starting base that cut into our time to put in features we wanted. However, the end result is still something playable, that looks good and can be enjoyable depending on your state of mind.

Happy Island requires that you have XNA 4.0 Refresh installed, and plays best with a Xbox 360 gamepad (or other XInput-friendly controller). Documentation for how to play the game is inside the zip file.