Taptics 1.2: Metro Boogaloo

January 31, 2013 in Taptics

Now available: Taptics 1.2! With this new version, some bugs have been released and more appearance tweaks have been put in. Let’s look at what’s changed:

  • Detailed score breakdown available through leaderboards and at completion of game (so long as you record your score)
  • Share your scores on social networks Facebook and Twitter, if you choose
  • Moved advertisement to bottom of game screen
  • Game screen dialog boxes are prettier
  • Fixed stuttering issues with sound effects
  • MySpace support removed due to lack of Scoreloop support

I’ve got some ideas for version 1.3 and beyond, including achievements, alternate game modes, and more. Keep an eye out for future updates!

Taptics 1.1: The Pretty Version

January 11, 2013 in Taptics

Taptics 1.1 should now be available now for your Windows Phone. A lot of work has been put in to improve the appearance of Taptics for this release, as well as adding new features. New in this version:

  • Nice new background for the main screen (like I said, this is the pretty version)
  • Multiple leaderboards, including all-time top scores, 24-hour top scores, player latest scores, near your latest score, and friends
  • Your own scores are now highlighted in leaderboards
  • News pane, for notices about updates, etc.
  • Add a gamer picture to your Scoreloop profile
  • Connect social networks to your Scoreloop profile (due to issues on Scoreloop’s side of the fence, only Facebook is currently working, sorry)
  • Can now view profiles of other players (although there’s nothing interesting on them yet)
  • Lots of bug fixes, stability fixes, and other behind-the-scenes changes to make my life as developer easier

I’m already working on the next update for Taptics, which will include the ability to see details about scores on the leaderboard (namely, how long each level took and the number of mistakes made on them) as well as posting scores to social networks. I bet you can’t wait!

Taptics is ready for your fast fingers!

January 3, 2013 in Taptics

And we’re finally out of the gate today with the public release of Taptics on the Windows Phone Store! Today’s launch introduces what promises to be the best pattern tapping game for Windows Phone to the world. And while the current version may not seem like much, I’m hard at work making things even cooler for the future. (In fact, the next version is already out for certification, but we’ll talk about that when it arrives.)

So, what is Taptics? Perhaps you remember the old 80s game “Simon”, where you have to hit certain buttons in order. That’s the essential quality of Taptics, too. But Simon was static, slow, and never really offered interaction beyond the basic game play. That won’t be the case with Taptics. Already you can see who has the quickest, most accurate fingers around the world, and new challenges and play modes are in the making.

So keep those fingers tapping, and watch out for what comes next!